KAC Statement on Dr. Fai's Plea

The Kashmiri American Council's Board of Directors today confirmed their understanding of Executive Director Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai's plea agreement with the United States Government over charges stemming from his July 19, 2011 arrest. Initially charged with being an unregistered agent of a foreign government and having violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), the Board welcomed the Government's decision to voluntarily withdraw the FARA allegation. While the Board remained disturbed over the balance of the charges, it expressed its full support for the process and system through which the agreement was made. The Board confirmed it's long held position, buttressed by the U.S. Government's withdrawal of the FARA allegation, that the KAC has always been, and remains, an organization created by Kashmiris, for Kashmiris, designed and dedicated to supporting Jammu and Kashmir's right to self determination as enshrined in multiple United Nations resolutions.

Speaking on behalf of the Board, Mr. Sareer A. Fazili, Esq. echoed the Board's sentiments confirming the independence demonstrated by the KAC on numerous occasions, while propagating the cause of Jammu and Kashmir being allowed to determine its own fate. Referring to numerous press releases, conference declarations, journal and newspaper articles, live presentations and other writings provided by the KAC, Mr. Fazili confirmed the uniquely pro-Kashmir agenda disseminated by the organization. Identifying pieces detrimental to the national interests of both India and Pakistan, the Board solidified the organization's position as being without peer in espousing the cause of an independent Jammu and Kashmir.

The Board reminded the world community in general, and the people of Kashmir in particular, that so long as the Kashmir problem remained unresolved, that it would continue to plead the cause of Kashmiris and Jammu and Kashmir. Said Mr. Fazili, "let not anyone think that today's events will slow or otherwise impede the KAC's work. It would be folly for anyone to presume the end of the organization's efforts. Rather, the Board reaffirms its commitment to pursuing all avenues in encouraging a resolution of the Kashmir issue, taking into account primarily the wishes and aspirations of the Kashmiri people."

The Board took the opportunity to remind the world community of the continued occupation of Kashmir by well over 750,000 Indian military and paramilitary forces. While understanding the complexity of the problem, the Board repeated its call for a withdrawal of all black laws from Kashmir, the release of all political prisoners, return of forces to their barracks from the streets of Kashmir's towns and cities, and complete cessation of all human rights violations against the Kashmiri people. The Board further called upon the international community to demand an independent investigation into the unfortunate and shameful recent discovery of mass graves in many Kashmiri jurisdictions, and an unbiased prosecution of those found to be responsible for their existence. The Board further called upon the governments of India and Pakistan, and the acknowledged leadership of the people of Kashmir in the form of the All Parties Hurriyet Conference, to engage in an unconditional dialogue aimed at resolving the Kashmir dispute, taking into primary account the wishes and aspirations of the Kashmiri people. Without their equal inclusion and participation, no solution will be acceptable to the Kashmiri people, or implementable on the ground.

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