Pakistan reiterates unflinching support to Kashmiris struggle

MUZAFFARABAD - The president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari has reiterated that Pakistan would continue extending political, moral and diplomatic support to just cause of Kashmiris for their freedom from Indian oppression saying the only possible solution of the dispute is thorough peaceful talks. The president expressed his views while addressing the joint sitting of AJK Legislative Assembly and Council here in Muzaffarabad on Wednesday. “Kashmiris have rendered innumerable sacrifices for freedom; no one can suppress their voice and I have come here on the invitation of all political parties of the state”, he added. The people of Pakistan cannot offload Kashmir from their un-erazable catalogue of history, he reassured.

President Zardari stated that the Pakistani nation and all political parties were united on Kashmir issue despite their differences. Addressing the Kashmiri nation he said, “ you are a nation and nations can neither be defeated nor be deprived of freedom; your movement is absolutely indegineous and peaceful and it’s the time when international community should take notice of the atrocities being carried out by Indian troops in Indian Occupied Kashmir against the Kashmiri people including innocent children and women”.

While terming Afzal Guru’s assassination a judicial murder Mr. Zardari observed that the whole world protested against his murder and it would strengthen the freedom movement of the people of Kashmir. Reaffirming his commitment on Kashmir issue, he said that Pakistan wanted result oriented, comprehensive and a meaningful negotiation with India on Kashmir saga as it has always put efforts to maintain good relations with its neighbors. The President of Pakistan said that Pakistan suffered badly due to terrorism and both the countries should not let terrorists and miscreants dictate their agenda. “ we need to put joint efforts to fight against terrorism and should not let our lands to be used for terrorist activities”, he added further.

Responding to the demands made by opposition leader in AJK Legislative Assembly Raja Farooq Haider, the president held that all his demands including amendments in Interim Consitution 1974, the utilization of resources and reconstruction of earthquake affected areas would be accepted and addressed properly. He said that to resolve the issues of AJK, there was a need of consensus in federation which would be achieved.

The Prime Minister AJ&K, addressing on this occasion, said that the visit of President Zardari promoted courage in both sides of Kashmir saying that no durable peace could be achieved in south Asia unless Kashmir dispute is resolved that laid pending for more than six decades. “ The international community and the Security Council paid no attention to Kashmir; we are not against the trade or pleasant bilateral ties between two nuclear powers but we will never compromise on the fundamental right to self-determination as promised to the people of the state”, he added.

The leader of opposition Raja Farooq Haider Khan lauded the way President Zardari’s for successful completion of first democratically elected government with his efforts for smooth transition of power. He demanded that Gilgit Biltastan and Kashmir be made one unit. He also president Zardari to give state due water uses charges and royalty and give consideration to the fact that after 18th amendment in Pakistan, resources have been traferred to provinces but on contrary to it, resources of Kashmir have been reduced. The President assured the Kashmiri leadership that all their demands would be fulfilled. PID-AJK.

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