U.S. State Department Report Confirms Human Rights Atrocities in Kashmir

On May 24, 2012, The US State Department issued a voluminous report entitled “Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2011.”
Although covering many other countries, it is worth noting that the report cites the widespread human rights violations committed by Indian military and paramilitary forces in the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir.  The revelations are remarkable and startling in light of the current policy of the Obama administration to maintain a studied silence regarding the atrocities in Kashmir in order to encourage commercial and military arms trade with India. 

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In a meeting held to discuss the recently released report by the Government of India's appointed Interlocutors, the KAC's Board of Directors today expressed their disappointment at the "conclusions" arrived upon by the distinguished committee.  Apparently, months of study have brought the committee to the same conclusion that their masters have sought.  Adding salt to the wounds of Kashmiris, the report focused on cultural, business and other non-political avenues aimed solely at concentrating Indian occupation of Kashmir.  It constructively ignored the history of Kashmir, the multiple United Nations resolutions on Kashmir, the numerous human rights violations occurring on a daily basis in Kashmir, and the lack of any accountability on the parts of the federal or puppet state governments to respond to on the ground issues being faced by Kashmiris seeking redress of their political grievances. Formed in response to Kashmiris' unified, peaceful, daily protests over the continued murders and rapes in Kashmir, the committee's conclusion has left Kashmiris wondering what exactly it was that convinced the esteemed members of the group that their destiny resided within the Indian Constitution.


KAC Demands an Impartial Probe Into the Recent Killings

Washington, D.C. August 18, 2011. The Board of Directors of the Kashmiri American Council (KAC) today sharply condemned the on going custodial killings and fake encounters in Kashmir. On August 7, 2011, Indian army claimed to have killed a Pakistani militant and divisional commander of Lashker-e-Taiba, Abu Usman, after a few-hour gun battle at Surankote area of Poonch district in Jammu region. Later, investigation showed that the deceased was a Hindu civilian. Earlier, Nazim Rashid, 28, had died under policy custody in Sopore district of the Valley.

The KAC Board said that the Indian security forces are relentlessly playing an orgy of death and are out to pick and kill Kashmiris using all possible means. They carry out systematic and significant human rights violations including extra judicial killings, arbitrary arrest and detention and excessive use of force against innocent Kashmiri civilians. Rape is too often used as a tool to humiliate the population and attempt to break their will.

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Press: Interlocutor’s Report, Back to Square One

Washington, D.C. May 31, 2012. “The report of the interlocutors for Jammu & Kashmir is unfortunately a mess and unquestionably a diversion from the primary interests of the people, if not an outright diversionary tactic by the members of the group. In fact, that is what some members of the leadership of the resistance have charged. None feels that the report represents the will of the people and most believe that the government is simply buying time to avoid the inevitable, a real political solution to the quagmire that Kashmir has become,” said Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai while reacting to the report that was issued on May 23, 2012.

Dr. Fai said that the team recommends that Article 370 should be made special within the Indian constitution.  And it is quite clear that the members of the team know well that this option has been rejected by the people of Kashmir many times in the past.  And they also know that Kashmiris have had autonomy within this Article, which has been abrogated due to the passage of time. The people have revolted against the status quo and status quo cannot be an answer.  Therefore, talking about Article 370 is an insult to the intelligence of the Kashmiri people. 

“The interlocutors have read the situation in Kashmir through the old grimy lenses of policy makers in New Delhi and did not bother to recognize that it is the obduracy and stubbornness of India that fails to accept the fact that Kashmir is not a law and order issue, nor is it a center-state question; it is primarily an issue of the 17 million people of Jammu & Kashmir which under all international agreements is not an integral part of any member state of the United Nations, including India and Pakistan.  If that historical fact is ignored, there cannot be any lasting solution to this tragic situation,” Fai added.

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Peace process and killing in Kashmir cannot go together: Fai

LONDON , June 13, 2011. Dr.·Ghulam Nabi·Fai, Executive Director, Kashmiri American Council·Kashmir·Center ·warned that India - Pakistan peace parley and the killing of innocent Kashmiris cannot go together and urged the international community to take cognizance of the·human rights situation·inJammu·& Kashmir while urging·India·and Pakistan to seek an amicable settlement of the disputed land. Speaking at a news conference in London, England , Fai strongly pleaded for the intra-Kashmir dialogue and that Kashmiri leadership must be part of India-Pakistan peace process in discussion on Kashmir.

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