Kashmir resolution key to regional peace: Dr Fai

Drawing parallels between Egyptian uprising and the present non-violent movement in Kashmir, he said, "The important message for the people of Kashmir from the streets of Egypt is that non-violent indigenous movements cannot be suppressed by the use of brute force". The second important aspect of the movement he pointed out was that "it is the will of the people that ultimately prevails".

He however maintained that there was a vast difference between the movements going on in the two regions as there was no oppression against the peaceful protestors in Egypt while on the other hand the Government of India had "deployed  over than half a million troops to suppress Kashmiris struggle for right to self-determination."

 Replying to a query, he said there was dire need that the Kashmiri leadership should evolve a joint strategy to take the ongoing movement to its logical end.

Lauding Kashmiris' political resolve, he said the movement had now been transformed into new generations which was having international acceptance owing to its non-violent and indigenous character.

Fai emphasized that it is the responsibility of the world powers inclduing the United States to strengthen the peaceful movemtn in Kashmir.

Dr. Fai is scheduled to participate in an international conference being organized by coalition of NGO's of Islamic World on February 20 at Muzaffarabad.

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